The most frequent question from therapists and doctors is whether the Adeli Suit makes the difference from other therapies and whether it is positively effective for children with cerebral palsy.
For this reason, we decided that, once a year, therapists and doctors from every country can come to our centers, with patients of their choice, and have a free of charge week of therapy with Adeli Method and the Adeli Suit.
We believe that this is the most honest way to find out the effectiveness of our therapy.
Only 10 doctors and therapists will take part in this project.
Please contact us to REGISTER and get more details.

The idea of the therapy was born in space (in Russia in 1991) with the first therapeutical suit, Adeli Suit and within very few years, managed to become the most sophisticated rehabilitation method around the world.

Daily, hundreds of children with neurological problems, cerebral palsy, skull and brain injuries, spine injuries, are subjected to special intensive treatment programs.

The Adeli Suit has behind it 20 years of history and research and provides a really effective treatment. All these years of experience and successfull treatment have led to a new discovery for children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

This new equipment will be launched at the end of 2010.