Adeli Seminars

Training Schedule

09.00 – 16.00 (10.30-11.00 Lunch Break)

Day 1.

Human body motor development in the earth gravity field.
Cerebral Palsy and its clinical forms:

  • Spastic form of cerebral palsy
  • Hyperkinetic form of cerebral palsy
  • Tonic Astatic form of cerebral palsy
  • Hemiparesic form of cerebral palsy

Day 2.

Patients Evaluation. Physical Therapy, pathological posture and positions, synergies, tests:

  • Rectus test
  • Harmstring test
  • Rotation test
  • Triceps test
  • Adductor test
  • Tibial Syndrome

Day 3.

Fundamentals of proprioceptive dynamic correction method.
Fundamentals of Adeli Suit®.
Methodology of Adeli Suit in rehab and Physical Therapy.
Adeli method indication and contraindication.

Day 4.

Objectives of Adeli Suit therapy.
Preparatory stage for Adeli Suit application session.
Physical Therapy Principals for the Suit.
Types off Loads.

Day 5.

Application of Adeli Suit for SPASTIC form of C.P.

Day 6.

Application of Adeli Suit for ATONIC form of C.P.

Day 7.

Application of Adeli Suit for HEMIPARESIC form of C.P.

Day 8.

Application of Adeli Suit for HYPERKINETIC form of C.P.

Day 9.

Development of personalized rehabilitation programs considering ontogenesis and pathological syndromes.
Evaluation of effectiveness.
Development of personalized rehabilitation programs considering strokes and spinal cord injures.
Evaluation of effectiveness.

Day 10 – Day 30.


We inform you that the time given to the physiotherapists’ training is that really necessary in order for someone to be able to have the full picture of the method and its way of operating. Our centers also provide the suitable space, as well as the suitable equipment for the smooth running of the training seminars with the Adeli method.

At the end of the seminar the physiotherapist is given 3 training DVDs with exercises in the I.P.U. and two training DVDs on the correct positioning of the dynamic orthotic Adeli suit narthex and exercises outside the I.P.U.
We inform you that every trained physiotherapist has a further 10% discount from the adeli equipment price list.