Adeli Suit

Therapeutic loading suit Adeli® is a modern effective rehabilitation device for patients with motor disturbance of cerebral origin (infantile cerebral paralysis, stroke, brain injures). It has received the greatest application in rehabilitation of infantile cerebral paralysis clinical practice.

Current model of the Adeli Suit® is a modification of the previous model of the suit – “Adeli – 92” that was development in 1991, and produced by Ayurveda under the sanction of the New Medical Technology Committee of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation (protocol No4, Dated Septeber 8, 1993).

Basic set of the adeli suit® represents the power system consisting of the elements and elastic adjustable bungees that allow creation of the load on the patients motor system for rehabilitative purposes.

Basic elements are located in humeral and lumbar, knees and ankle joints areas and consists of :
VEST – SHORTS – KNEEPADS – HAT – SHOES LOOPED – ELASTIC BUNGEES – LACING – which are included in the completed suit set.

Adeli Suit

Chest Size (cm)
Height (cm) 52-56 60-64 68-72 76-80 84-88 92-96 100-104
80-86 X
92-98 X X
104-110 X X
116-122 X X X
128-134 X X X
140-146 X X X
152-158 X X
160-170 X X X X X
176-182 X X X
188-194 X X X