Adeli Treatment

Adeli® methodology and Adeli Suit® treatment program

The major part of traditional rehabilitation techniques applied at present in case of CP are effective enough for rehabilitation of such patients who are between several weeks and two years old. In this case 65-85 per cent of patients recover their motor and language functions. And it allows them to serve themselves, to get education, to take part in labor activity and social life, to have a family and a completely healthy descendents.

But capabilities of a rehabilitation with the use of traditional treatment modes with regard to children who have not taken part in such treatment and, therefore, have become handicapped persons by 3-10 years of age – are essentially lower.

The rehabilitation of adolescents as patients at the late residual stage of CP was practically impossible before the Adeli techniques. In fact it was reduced to phased plastering, different orthopedic operative interventions, which did not always lead to desirable effects. And besides, it provoked repeated contractures, deformities, and atrophy of the musculo-ligamentous and osteo-articular systems in 70 per cent of patients. And this led to forming secondary pathologic adaptive changes in their limbs and all the organism. It was almost hopeless for this category of patients to recover their verbal abilities, and for lack of that their social adaptation offered peculiar difficulties. Analogous problems are typical for rehabilitation of considerable part of those patients who had had cerebral stroke or craniocerebral injury.

The Adeli® treatment program includes:

  • Therapeutical accupuncture (Physiatrist) (by choice, according to the child’s kinetic situation)
  • Kinesiotherapy with the adeli suit® (Physiotherapist)
  • Kinesiotherapy in the adeli exersice unit (Physiotherapist)
  • Special exercises to contain spasticity (Physiotherapist)
  • Special exercises to make movements easier (Physiotherapist)
  • Specialized exercises for extremities strengthening (Physiotherapist)
  • Specialized exercises for torso strengthening (Physiotherapist)
  • Therapeutical massage (Physiotherapist)
  • Kinesiotherapy with instruments (Physiotherapist)
  • Breathing exercises (Physiotherapist)
  • Hydrotherapy (swimming pool) (Physiotherapist)
  • Special exercises to improve self-receptivity (Physiotherapist – Ergotherapist)
  • Behaviour exercises (Psychologist)
  • Parent advising sessions (Psychologist)
  • Biofeetback (physiotherapist)
  • Vibro-stimulating shoes

According to the above, the program lasts for a time period of 4 weeks , with the patient being subjected to therapy for 5 days a week for 4 to 6 hours a day. Using the adeli suit® and the exercise unit, with progressive resistance exercises and exercise machines (corridor, rowing, bicycle etc.), as well as a specialized exercise program.